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It's time for people to take control of their money

D4Suiteis the first pioneering Spanish neobank as an alternative to traditional banking. The Spanish fintech has established itself in Spain as a true alternative option to more conventional banking. The main premise of D4Suite is to help people take control of their money by making finance easier than ever.

Mapping needs

After a few weeks of immersion we were able to understand the problem, with the aim of offering a functional and operational solution tailored to your needs.

There was an imbalance between a mature product, established in the market and with a large number of active users. The tools and the process that the team followed in their day-to-day activities did not allow them to cover the business demands. There was a great granularity in the tools. Moving from Sketch to Figma was proposed to avoid using Abstract versioning and move to a lighter process. The team had grown, and we needed to prepare for even more potential growth.

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