Switching from Full Stack to No Code - Here's What We Learned

April 6, 2021


In late-2020, the peer-to-peer book resale marketplace platform known as NextbookIt became a fully integrated partner of InnoVetted, making it an InnoVetted creation and product. At the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Spring of 2020, NextbookIt was up against a wall with their platform & funding. Since starting up in April of 2019, all they had was a brand and user interface. NextbookIt still lacked a completed platform despite having spent months with a dedicated team of full stack developers working to deliver. Ultimately, NextbookIt found itself having spent almost a year and north of $50K on development with little to nothing to show for it. Together, we worked with NextbookIt to find solutions for NextbookIt's UX-UX design, user growth, development, and in scaling their platform. Most importantly, we were able to find a scalable development solution that still helped them create a robust and high functioning website and mobile app AND cut their development time and operating costs by 75% by switching to a no code solution. Here's what we learned:

Do You NEED Full-Stack Development?

Let's be honest, there's a reason good full-stack developers make big bucks - heavy duty software requires teams of highly skilled developers to continue to develop and maintain any software-based solution. Yes, if your application is going to be robust, this is almost a necessity to have a solid team, but even then that doesn't mean development cycles are going to be any shorter or that expenses won't be much higher than if it was just you (and maybe 1 or 2 others). In any case, this seems incredibly daunting especially if YOU CAN'T CODE YOURSELF (or aren't a very good programmer).

Let's face it, it's hard to start a tech startup, if you're not a programmer to start the tech startup. So, it's important in early stages to do 3 things: 1) really map out the project; 2) work with a UI (user interface) prototype and solidify it before developing; and 3) ask yourself, "am I a skilled enough programmer to do this myself?" No one is going to work harder on your business than you, because it's your passion. But, if you can't develop yourself, or aren't able to find a partner that can, where can you even begin without costing yourself tens of thousands of dollars month over month?

If you can't code yourself you're probably thinking there's a better way to do this quicker. It should be known that all good projects take time and don't happen overnight, but there's got to be a way to do this more affordably and more reasonably, right?

Lessons from NextbookIt

This is where no code solutions come in. Regardless of the complexity and scope of your project, you might be surprised what can be accomplished with no code development. Here's where the NextbookIt story continues. When NextbookIt came in they were facing this classic development problem, deep in a project, running low on time and money, how do we turn this around? This is not uncommon to see, but fortunately NextbookIt came in with a great prototype and a solid list of requirements. This helped us look at all the options available for them, and we were able to provide them with a scalable and robust no code solution in Bubble.

If you check out NextbookIt, you may think, "how can this be no code?" It's got several API integrations with things like ISBN search, location services, payment integration, and fully customized search and filter. It looks totally original, and not like some cookie cutter template. So, how can this be accomplished in no code? Well, fortunately, no code is easier to scale from a prototype to real world product. By starting with their very small MVP prototype designed in Bubble, we were then able to enter into a full development cycle to add all the functionality they needed and keep it all in one place at a low cost. Yes, there is still a development cycle and a need for more experienced help at times when it comes to developing a no code project, and that's where we came in to help. But here's what we are able to offer:

Again, NextbookIt partnered with us a year in, with $50K+ in development expenses, and needed a better solution. During our first cycle, which ran 16 weeks while accommodating their budget of $5K (yes, $5K), we were able to convert their designs into a fully functioning website and mobile app. Yes, there were other business expenses that were incurred, but for $5K we were able to fully develop, test, and deploy the first iteration of the NextbookIt platform. As it grew to almost 1,000 users very quickly after that iteration, InnoVetted brought in NextbookIt as a full time product and we worked on a full rebrand and redevelopment of the platform that began in December of 2020, by March of 2021, we had fully completed rebrand, design, development, and deployment. We did this on a $10K budget over just a 9 week period, and since then, NextbookIt has surpassed 5,000 users and 2,500 total downloads from around the world and. is growing quickly.

Make the Switch to No Code

Yes, we use NextbookIt as our real life example, but we're not the only ones with this kind of success. In the 2020 No-Code Census conducted by Bubble, it was found that no code development was on average 4.6x faster and more affordable than traditional programming while still providing them everything they need to develop and continue to grow. With no code solutions, timelines and costs for your startup, business, or even enterprise can be cut by 75% or more. (Disclaimer: Unfortunately, if you are trying to build systems architecture solutions, 3-D graphics interfaces, or provide cybersecurity, traditional development is still the way to go.)

No code solutions can help you with whatever you are trying to create, and it is easy to get started! Not only that, we're here to help! Anything from answering questions, to helping you build, InnoVetted is here to help. It's important to work with people that will work with you. That means having good communication, working with people's time and budgets, and being reliable. Whether it's your own team, or working with ours, collaboration is key to making amazing products. It's your project and your passion, and you can make it happen with no code!

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